Christmas Gift Guide for Designers/Illustrators 2016

A quick list of stocking fillers and bigger presents for the creative type in your life.
Everything on this list is something that I either own or have bought for others, and all have my seal of approval (arf, arf).

1. Dotgrid notebooks

Designers can never have too many sketchbooks, but these are by far my favourites. A variety of sizes plus device template versions for game and app designers.

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2. iPad Pro (& Pencil)

One of the few new devices in the past 5 years that has changed my workflow. For vector illustrators the pairing of the Pencil with Adobe Draw is divine, and Procreate for digital painters. Plus with the Astropad app designers can mirror their desktop/laptop screen as use it as you would a Cintiq or similar graphics tablets.

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3. Coffee subscription

90% of creativity is fuelled by caffeine. With that undisputable science in mind, a regular dose dropping on to your doormat each week is a godsend (especially for more hermit-like freelancers). I use Pact myself, and my personal favourite is Fruit n Nut Espresso (that’s flavour notes, the coffee itself is not flavoured). If you want to give it a go you can use my referral code to get your first bag for £2: NAT-COFFEE

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4. Olloclip iPhone camera lenses

Designers and illustrators are often pretty rad at casual photography too. Kick it up a notch with an Olloclip attachment for iPhone – there are lots of options but the 4-in-1 lens is a good choice with fisheye, x10 macro, x15 macro and wide-angle lenses.

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5. Inanimate character stickers

Feel less crazy talking to your stapler – stick a bunch of eyes on it. That’s definitely less crazy.

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6. Information is Beautiful book

Show me a designer who doesn’t like infographics and I’ll show you a smelly impostor. From politics, to hangover cures, to my personal favourite – most farty animals – both a good looking and entertaining book.

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7. Designerly greetings cards

Don’t like that designer enough to get them a gift? At least you can give a thoughtful card.

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8. Good Fucking Design Advice mug

That coffee from earlier needs a mug to go with it, and what better mug for a sweary designer than one covered in a load of really Good Fucking Design Advice.

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9. CMYK 2017 colour-a-day calendar

The best thing about this calendar is that you can tear off your favourite swatches and tie them together to make your own chart. Neat-o!

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10. Herman Miller Embody Chair

If you haven’t got anyone who loves you enough to drop a grand on an office chair for you, then saving up for one yourself is a good investment – especially if you’ve got a bit of a dodgy back or hip like me, or if you are generally an older, crustier designer. Think about how much time we spend at our desks, and how much time a human body is designed to sit for. Yeah. I’ve linked Wellworking in the button below, that’s where I got mine from with great service and set-up. Your booty will thank you.

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