Gamify Your PhD, hosted by Wellcome Trust, took an innovative approach to communicating science: it brought together researchers and games developers to create new games that explored the latest developments in biomedicine. The project invited applications from biomedical and medical humanities PhD researchers and from game development companies, selecting six of each and pairing them into teams for the 48 hour hack day.

Opposable Games‘ entry placed as 1st runner up, working with Jane Reid and her research in to RNA Polymerase II – the key enzyme responsible for the transcription of RNA in yeast cells, in a process that requires phosphorylation of serines and tyrosines in a specific sequence. We understood the word ‘yeast’ and decided to put together a pattern-matching game based around these chemical reactions and add a little humour – resulting in ‘Monsieur Baguette presents… RNA transcription of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae’.

  • Art Direction
  • Character & environment design
  • UX/UI design