Salvaged | Game

Winner of the IC Tomorrow contest for second-screen games content, Salvaged is a real-time tactical action game. Players take on the role of commander of a Remote Interstellar Salvage Crew (or RISC), sending their team into the wrecks of long forgotten star-ships in search of loot to sell, use, or trade as they make a living running deep space salvage operations.

The culmination of Opposable Games ambitions, Salvaged is a unique dual-screen game aimed at a core gamer audience. Allowing players to control a PC/console game via their phone or tablet device is a brand new experience – combining the intuitive nature of modern touch screen controls with the high-end visuals of a modern PC game.

I worked on Salvaged from 2013-2014, producing a proof of concept, end product may not reflect these images.

  • Art Direction
  • UI Design
  • Web design