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What are sketchnotes?

Sketchnotes (also known as visual note-taking, scribing, graphic recording, or live-drawing), are a visual means of capturing a conference, meeting, or report by illustrating soundbites, ideas and themes in an illustrated format. My version is entirely digital, I draw directly in to a graphics tablet, and the final piece is ready to distribute by the end of the event.

What’s the process?

I take my sketchnotes digitally on a graphics tablet and offer a variety of options to suit your event:

Live Remote
I dial in to your video conferences, events, and meetings through platforms such as Zoom and Hangouts.

Live on site
I attend your event and capture sketchnotes in person.

Sketchnotes can also be produced post-event from your written notes.

What are the benefits of sketcnotes?

  • Visual media increases engagement and information retention

  • Your sketchnotes can be broken up and repurposed for a multitude of post-event uses

  • Illustrations are highly shareable and fun to engage with

  • Use the sketchnotes to promote your next event

  • Complement your social media coverage of an event

  • Use the in presentations, on your website, and add to documents for increased interest and engagement

Ready to capture your event?

Sketchnotes are a fun and accessible way to capture and record your event, encapsulating the key ideas, themes and takeaways. When taken digitally they have a myriad of uses post-event, and can integrate with other forms of event coverage. I have covered all manner of event formats and subject matters in my decade of sketchnoting, so get in touch if you’d like to talk about how I can help at your event.

Some of my sketchnotes work