Project Description

Batman x Spyscape

UX & UI design for the companion game to the physical Batman experience at SPYSCAPE, New York City. Seamlessly combining an app-based narrative adventure with an immersive physical experience in real-time.

  • UX Design
  • UI Design

Development: SPYSCAPE
Creative Direction: Ross Phillips
Exhibition Design: Mona Kim Projects
Story: Gail Simone
Script: William Drew
Graphic Design: Studio Kunze
Sound: Unlock Studio

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Game flow

NFC Tutorial


Data Storage

Feedback Flow

The Physical Experience

The game is played both before, during, and after the physical experience. The narrative takes players to Spyscape HQ in New York to embark on a top-secret mission to infiltrate an underworld organisation, Leviathan, and aid Batman in rescuing Robin there. Experience designed by Spyscape.

Photos courtesy of Rob Baker Ashton for Mona Kim Projects
Comics illustrated by
Jim Calafiore, written by Gail Simone