Gimme Gargoyles

Gimme Castle is a browser game in the same genre as Club Penguin and Neopets, with an ever-growing collection of fun things to do – from action and puzzle games to mindfulness activities and seasonal events, plus shopping for items and decorating your room. Gimme Gargoyles are the games playable characters and are digital collectibles (NFTs) – replacing a subscription model.

The project aims to be a compelling reason to engage with Web3 for the casual gamer, cutting through the complexity that often puts people off.

  • Concept
  • Creative Direction
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Character Design & Art
  • Environment Art
  • Game design
  • Web design
  • Project management
  • Social media & design
  • Merch design

Gimme Gargoyles & Gimme Castle Branding

Branding for NFT collection Gimme Gargoyles and game Gimme Castle plus sub branding for collaborative collections and special one-off Gargoyles.

Examples of Gargoyles

Gargoyles have been generatively created and hand-curated, there are 888 in this initial wave, which will act as an alpha/beta testing phase.

Game Screens

The Alpha version launched October 2022 with four initial areas:

  • Castle Exterior – a hub to access different Castle areas
  • The Ramparts – shops and game entrances
  • The Quarters – a room players can decorate with bought items
  • Bubble Barista – the first minigame where players combine ingredients to make bubble tea orders for Gargoyles

Quarters Area

Players earn the in-game currency Pebbles by completing minigames, which they can then spend on furniture and items to decorate their room. The Alpha version will launch with these four sets plus recolours.

Misc UI

Login, Shop & Settings UI

Social media graphics

Emojis and stickers for Discord community

Merch design